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WENN Logo in 3D

Using PhotoImpact, I created this 3D like version of the Remember WENN logo.

I also made a BMP version that can be used as the opening screen when Windows boots. If you normally get the "Windows XX" screen with fluffy clouds image when you boot up your computer, you can use this to replace it.

[ Thumbnail of WENN LOGO.SYS ]

Save the file from this link or through the thumbnail to the right.

  1. In your root directory, C:\, rename LOGO.SYS to LOGO.SYS.BKUP.
  2. Pull LOGO.SYS.BMP from the LOGO.SYS.zip and place in your root directory, C:\.
  3. Then rename this file from LOGO.SYS.BMP to LOGO.SYS.
  4. Copy it to your root directory, C:\.

The next time you boot, you should see the new WENN opening logo.

Don't worry about the "squeezing" of the image, it will be unsqueezed when displayed.

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