[ Hilary in focus ] [ Pavla in focus ]

Hilary Reads Jeff's Letter While Pavla Looks On

For a picture to use with my Walk Through of "Mr. & Mrs. Singer", I wanted an image with both Hilary and Pavla in it, preferably at an important moment. Certainly Hilary reading Jeff's (?) letter fit the bill. Unfortunately, the physics of lens focusing interfered. To have Hilary so close and yet in focus would make it difficult to have Pavla, a few feet back, also in focus. Or, if it wasn't the difficulty of focusing, they decided to do it as a creative choice.

Either way, no simple screen grab was going to get what I wanted. So I used the two screen grabs above as a basis for the merged picture I used with the episode.

[ Hilary and Pavla...Both in focus ]

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