John Bedford Lloyd in The Abyss (1989/1993)

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Early Scenes

[ Jammer's Too Tall for the Room ]
First appearance of John Bedford Lloyd as Jammer. He has to stoop to keep from hitting the ceiling.

[ Jammer Tells Bud He's Wanted on the Link ]
Jammer tells Bud he has a phone call.

[ The Entire Crew at the Beginning ]
Crew of Deepcore 2 left to right: J. C. Quinn as "Sonny" Dawson, Ed Harris as Bud Brigman, ? as Tommy Ray Dietz?, ? as Lupton McWhirter, Leo Burmester as "Catfish" De Vries, John Bedford Lloyd as Jammer Willis, Todd Graff as "Hippy" Carnes, Beany the rat, Kimberly Scott as "One Night" Standing, Kidd Brewer, Jr. as Lew Finler, Richard Warlock as Dwight Perry?

[ Crew Gets Briefed ]
New assignment

[ Bud's Laid Down Parameters ]
Bud Sets Parameters

Arrival of Lindsey and SEALs

[ Jammer Reads the Back Cover]
Jammer reads the back cover of a book (by Louis L'Amour according to the script).

[ Hippy Cuts Up ]
Hippy cuts up.

[ Catfish Displays *The Hammer* ]
Hippy is shown "The Hammer" to Jammer's indifference.

[ Jammer Now Reading the Book ]
Jammer has book open now.

[ Lindsey Enters Rig ]
Lindsey runs into Jammer and gives a friendly, "Hey, I don't remember putting a wall here."

[ Lindsey Avoids SEAL Contact ]
Lindsey avoids contact with the SEALs

The Assignment

[ Moving to the Task ]
The crew prepare to dive.

[ Jammer Has Panic Attack ]
Jammer has panic attack. (JBL does a good job trying to convey Jammer's state of mind although the diving helmet and air bubbles interfere visually.)

[ Jammer Has a Visitor ]
Jammer has a visitor.

[ Jammer in the Infirmary ]
Jammer injures himself and ends up in the infirmary.

[ Jammer Relocated After Crisis ]
Jammer is relocated after the crisis.

Jammer Back; Lindsey Back

[ Jammer Wakes Up ]
Jammer comes out of the coma.

[ Jammer Catches Up ]
Jammer says he's feeling okay.

[ Jammer Prepares Heat Packs ]
Jammer activates hot packs

[ The Rest Think Bud Should Give Up ]
After attempting resuscitation for less than 2 minutes, the crew thinks Bud should give up. Two minutes? What CPR class did these people go to?

[ Bud Succeeds ]
Bud succeeds; great scene for Ed Harris.

The Dive

[ Bud Prepares for Dive ]
Bud prepares to dive.

[ Jammer and Hippy Help Lower Bud Into Water ]
Jammer and Hippy help lower Bud into the pool.

[ Bud's POV as He Sinks ]
Bud's POV as he sinks.

JBL: "They would say, 'Okay, Ed. Today, we're going to take this thing and put it on your head. You can't breath. And we're gonna to fill it up with pink water.'

"[To other actors]'And you're going to pretend to be amazed at watching Bud Brigman, your commander, breath in the fluid breathing.'

"I mean, what's the [acting] challenge? There's Ed, our friend, walking into the edge of Moonpool and jumping in. It was extraordinary. I mean, there was no...the line between movie and reality didn't exist."

[ Bud Dives ]
Bud dives...

[ Bud Dives ]
And dives...

[ One Night Monitors ]
And One Night monitors.


[ An Unexpected Message ]
An unexpected message

[ Something's Rising ]
Something's rising.

[ Return to Surface ]
Return to the surface.

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